Four Ways To Use Your Camping Trailer Space More Efficiently

Posted on: 8 October 2015

It's no secret that camping trailers aren't exactly loaded with extra space. However, you can get around this issue. If you know how to use the space in your camping trailer efficiently, it can actually seem much larger than it is. Here are a handful of tips to help you get the most out of the space in your camping trailer.

Don't Overlook Door Storage

The rear side of your doors are a great place to add extra storage space. For example, consider installing a shoe rack along the interior side of the trailer door to store all your shoes away neatly. In terms of your kitchen storage area, you could also install a flat storage system on the inside of the cabinet doors to tuck away any flat objects, such as an important papers. An over-the-door wastebasket is also a great way to use door space.

Increase Shelf Storage

Wire storage shelves are a great place to store clothing and other lightweight options. However, unless you are using all the space between each of the shelves, you're actually wasting space. Consider adding adhesive-backed hooks to the bottom or sides of the wire shelves. The hooks serve as a great place to hang towels, light jackets and jewelry.   

Use Ceiling Space

Most trailers have small compartments at the top of the trailer or on the bottom for luggage storage. You can use the ceiling space in these areas to store away your long items like brooms, mops or umbrellas by simply installing brackets. Most hardware stores have brackets available in a number of different widths. Find a bracket suited to hold your items and simply slide the items between the bracket openings for secure storage.

Look For Nesting Style Options

Nesting style options can serve as a great space saver. In your kitchen area, instead of traditional bowls, consider purchasing a nesting bowl set. These unique bowls take up the same amount of space as a single bowl because each bowl is designed to fit perfectly inside the other. In addition to kitchenware you could also use nesting tables. These tables allow you the surface area of multiple tables but only take up the space of one.

The more efficiently you use the space within your camping trailer, not only the more organized and neat your trailer will be, but also the more comfortable and enjoyable your experience. Make sure you're always looking for unique ways to save space.

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