Six Things That Belong In Your Survival Or Bug-Out Bag

Posted on: 19 October 2016

The frenzy of an emergency situation may not allow for you to find and grab belongings. Plus, you may not be thinking clearly enough to ensure you bring the right supplies to fend for yourself outside the home.  Beyond the clothes on your back and a cell phone, there are a few items that belong in every bug-out bag that you might overlook in the heat of the moment. Be sure to invest in a durable, weather-resistant backpack or duffel to keep your goods secure and dry.

  1. Compass. Without internet or GPS service, you will want a compass to help you navigate to safety. Pack a quality compass to keep you on track when bugging out during an emergency.
  2. Knife. Make sure that you pack a good quality knife in your bag. Go with stainless steel, utility-sized blades that are water resistant for a long-lasting blade to cut rope, vegetation, and even food items.
  3. Para-cord. Para-cord is stronger and more versatile than regular rope, so be sure to pack a length or roll in your bag. If you don't have para-cord, bungee cords will work, too. These are inexpensive to buy, often coming in sets of assorted sizes for various tasks and needs. You can use these for building shelters, securing belongings, or hanging laundry.
  4. Mylar blanket. These are inexpensive and have many uses, from a tarp for a makeshift shelter to keeping you comfier in your bug-out shelter. Mylar blankets usually cost a couple dollars apiece, so it may pay off later to buy several now. They look like large pieces of tin-foil, and the material helps to conserve body heat while also providing a water repellent covering.
  5. Firestarter or a lighter. Be sure to pack a couple lighters or some waterproof matches in your bag for starting fires. Don't risk regular matches because humidity or dampness can impact their function. If you have spent time camping or outdoors, you may want to bring a firestarter kit or flint, as well.
  6. Flashlight. In case there is a power-outage, you will want a heavy-duty flashlight with extra batteries in your bug-out bag. Check your flashlights periodically to ensure they still work and rotate your batteries to keep them fresh and fully-charged.

If there is a good chance that you will be out in the elements, make sure these basic supplies are already packed in your bug-out bag. Invest in quality supplies that won't run the risk of breaking or corroding if you are stuck outdoors overnight. Start preparing now for an emergency, and compile what you need in a durable, waterproof bug-out bag.